ClearAuth®: 3-D Secure
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ClearAuth® 3D-Secure  

Revolutionize Your eCommerce Business. 3-D Secure Payment authentication makes online shopping safer for both buyers and sellers.

What is 3-D Secure? The 3-D Secure initiatives eliminate fraud and "I didn't do it" chargebacks, guarantee payment to merchants and provide a secure channel for safe international ecommerce; while also protecting cardholders from fraudulent use of their credit cards. The benefits are:
  • Guaranteed payment on full authentications
  • Guaranteed payment on attempted authentications (Visa)
  • Chargeback blocking (liability shift)
  • International transactions with guaranteed payment
  • Lower interchange rates
  • Dramatically reduce fraud screening costs

ClearAuth® 3-D Secure Facts
The following facts are statistical averages gathered from over 18,000 merchants currently running 3-DSecure on their ecommerce sites.
  • 7.5 out of every 10 transactions are guaranteed payment
  • 95 percent of Visa transactions are protected from chargebacks
  • 15 percent of MasterCard transactions are protected from chargebacks

Why is ClearAuth® the solution?

ClearAuth® is an ASP solution that quickly and easily integrates with your checkout process and enables all of the payment authentication initiatives. By providing a single integration that addresses the unique data requirements of each initiative, ClearAuth® eliminates the need to install multiple software components for each program.
  • 80 percent faster implementation
  • Customized pricing adjusts to fit your business size
  • No annual maintenance or upgrade fees
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transaction authentication
Verified by Visa, SecureCode by MasterCard, J/Secure by JCB, Paypal Integration
transaction authentication
  ClearAuth® is fully compliant with 3-D Secure solutions including Verified by Visa™, MasterCard SecureCode™ and JCB J/Secure™ programs. ClearAuth® also enables merchants to accept PayPal® payments directly at any eCommerce website.
PayPal® Verified by Visa® MasterCard® SecureCode®

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