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mServe offers real-time online account management for prepaid's end-users. mServe extends the revenue potential of offline purchasers by enabling real-time online account managment and account reload.

With mServe any person with one of your reloadable prepaid products can instantly establish a free online account at your mServe Pin Management website. Users complete a short account profile form to create their free online management account. Once they have an account the user can instantly recharge their pin, manage pinless dialing numbers, view real-time call detail records, upgrade their pin, browse special offers and more.
  User's Win
  You Win
  • Real-Time Recharge
  • Pinless Dialing
  • Complete Call History
  • Pin Upgrades
  • Incentive Programs
  • Special Offers
  • Improved Margins
  • Improved Loyalty
  • Improved Revenue
  • Data Acquisition
  • Promotion/Upsell
  • Online Help Desk
  • The mServe application can be fully integrated with your switching platform allowing you to take advantage of the flexibility and revenue generating features of the platform. You choose what features you want to offer your customers. Real-time recharge, auto-recharge ani registration, call history presentation and more. Extend the value of your end-users today with mServe from Managed Prepaid.

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    To see mServe in action, simply email your account rep an 'mServe Pin Request' or call us directly at 504-324-2346.

    For more information or to schedule a call to discuss any of our Managed Prepaid products & services please email or call (504) 324-2346.