ClearAuth®: 3-D Secure
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ClearAuth®: PayPal Integration  

Seamless integration to support PayPal® transactions on your eCommerce website.

PayPal® Managed Prepaid now offers the ability to enable your ecommerce site with PayPal as an additional form of payment acceptance . We have completed integration of the PayPal technology into our ASP hosting center and can enable it on your site with the same ClearAuth® service we use to enable the 3-D Secure payment authentication services.

Our ClearAuth® Client is an extremely simple and intuitive implementation process for eCommerce merchants. PayPal has agreed to utilize our fast and simple integration approach to streamline the deployment of their service.

50 Million PayPal Accounts
With more than 50 million accounts in 45 countries, PayPal offers a fast, affordable, and convenient online payment service for businesses of all sizes.

1 in 3 online shoppers in the U.S. has a PayPal account. Plus, PayPal is growing by more than 58,000 members per day.

Buyers prefer PayPal because of its convenience, security and ease-of-use. Acting as an online wallet, PayPal gives buyers the flexibility to pay with credit cards, bank accounts, and a stored PayPal account balance. As a result, PayPal extends your items and services to buyers who prefer not to use credit cards or don't own them.

By enabling you to accept payments in five currencies, PayPal turns your website into a destination for shoppers all over the world.

Reduce the Risk of Fraud with PayPal
If you qualify for PayPal's Seller Protection Policy, PayPal will absorb the chargeback at no cost to you.

Loss rates due to fraud are 60-70% lower with PayPal than with merchant accounts.

Integrate PayPal Quickly and Easily:
PayPal provides tools to integrate seamlessly into existing checkout flows. The addition of PayPal as a payment option requires no downtime and minimal resource requirements.

PayPal can be fully integrated into your existing Managed Prepaid eBusiness applications once your website has been registered with the ClearAuth® service. For more information or to schedule a call to discuss our ClearAuth chargeback blocking solution please email sales[a]