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Application Development

The most important thing to understand about application development is that human beings make or break the success of a technical solution. The end users' adoption or rejection of a system ultimately determines whether it was an investment worth making.

At Managed Prepaid, we focus on the purpose of the implementation, not technology for technology's sake. Whether designing a new application or choosing a new technology, we know the important outcome is an efficient, effective solution that can be implemented; not a theoretical document. This pragmatic, user-centered approach enables Managed Prepaid to deliver solutions that yield real business results.
  Proven Solutions for Your Business
Managed Prepaid is devoted to identifying sound solutions for each client.

Our commitment to a clients' success incorporates both "out of the box" and customized solutions. Based on our clients' needs, Managed Prepaid explores the full range of available technology applications to determine the best choice for ongoing client success. This flexibility allows Managed Prepaid to adapt to the varied needs of each client and continue to deliver value-added tools as their needs grow and evolve.
  We Know Technology
Our experience in numerous technologies is proof that Managed Prepaid knows how to meet business objectives.

No two projects are exactly alike - the needs of each client and the specifics of their technical infrastructure are different every time. Managed Prepaid teams have solved the problem of putting together diverse technologies, whether it's .NET solutions running on Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Commerce Server 2002 and SQL Server 2000, or a J2EE based distributed computing environment using EJBs to communicate over MQ Series to an AS/400. Because of the breadth of experience in different technologies that Managed Prepaid offers, we also bring our clients fresh perspectives on their current technology platform and work with them to identify the business value of emerging technologies including Web Services.
  End-to-End Support
Managed Prepaid hosts most of our client sites and applications.

As a result, Managed Prepaid knows how to work with decisions made during the design and development phases, rather than just turning them over to another team to resolve. We can anticipate issues that may not be immediately apparent during development, but may surface when the system is actually used and operating. Lessons learned in usability, scalability and potential vulnerabilities result in client applications that consistently perform at peak levels.

For more information or to schedule a call to discuss any of our Managed Prepaid products & services please email or call (504) 324-2346.