mCheck - Remote ID Authentication
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mCheck - Remote ID Authentication

mCheck is the cost-effective identity verification solution designed to insulate organizations from external identity misrepresentation events and internal misuse of data.

With a price point starting at thirty-five cents per transaction, mCheck facilitates business and government by objectively comparing the accuracy of information in order to make educated decisions, faster, in the physical and virtual environments.


Our Data
Leveraging relationships with large data aggregators and technology providers, Managed Prepaid profiles privately held and public data stores by surveying billions of records, delivering high-quality actionable results with unparalleled accuracy and price points.

The Technology
Managed Prepaid resources power mCheck to locate and instantly validate information presented by almost any person or business. Driven by proprietary logic and algorithms, mCheck's friendly, positive experience based retrieval and presentment technologies access information to validate information sharing within a sensitive, need-to-know structure.

  • Real-Time Verification
  • Web based XML API
  • Interactive Portal
  • Batch Processing

Click here to learn about the benefits of mCheck's seamless integration with your transaction sequence. For pricing information on the mCheck service click here.

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