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Managed Prepaid - Business,  Technology, Creative
Managed Prepaid - Business, Technology, Creative
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Partial Client Listing

We've worked hard to build relationships with our clients and are proud of the work we have done. Here is a listing of just a few of our clients.

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Axxess Telekom
BBG Communications
C&R Businesses
D&N Tel
Easy Call
Excite Telecom
Prepaid Solutions
Gateway Communications
KNB, Inc.
Maverick Telecom
Mega Prepaid, Inc.
Mexus Services, Inc.
Minutes Online
Network Teleports
Ogecom Networks
Orange Prepaid
Phoenix Telecom
P.O.S. Solutions, Inc.
Pipeline Telecom
Prepaid Partners
Protocol Suite
True Card
United Prepaid
United Telecommunication Services, NA (UTS)
Value Marketing Alliance, Inc.
World News Network
Wynn Resorts

For more information or to schedule a call to discuss any of our Managed Prepaid products & services please email or call (504) 324-2346.